Hearth Products Controls - 36" CSA Trough Pan Kit - Match Lit

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  • HPC - Insert - ML and FP Fuel Options New

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HPC's linear trough fire pit are v-shaped, tapering towards the bottom of the pan. This yields a stronger, better draining pan that also requires less fire pit media. Made from stainless steel components, this linear pit will deliver a wonderful wall of fire ranging from 50-65k BTU, depending on the size of the insert. This economical manual match-lit ignition is great for pits without electricity or those wishing less complexity and easier installation.

How It Works

Start Up: This is done by lighting long-stem lighter next to perimeter of burner then slowly open key to valve. Leave key in valve during use.

Operation: Flame height may be adjusted by turning key to valve- counterclockwise provides more flame, clockwise lowers flame.

Shut Down: To turn OFF the fire pit simply turn key to valve clockwise to OFF position. Remove key.



  • Staggered Hole Configuration -Holes are drilled in a staggered pattern on the tube for a broader, more natural-looking flame
  • 65k BTU 36" T-Burner
  • 36" x 5 3/8" with 1 3/8" lip.
  • Stainless Steel Tubing - Heavy duty stainless steel ensures a long-lasting product.
  • V-shaped pan offers best draining
  • V-shaped pan holds less media - great for those wishing a higher rotation of fresh fire pit glass or rock
  • Most narrow insert offered
  • Raised Center Hub - The burner hub is raised above the concentric rings to prevent water from entering the valve or gas line
  • Available in Liquid Propane (LP) or Natural Gas (NG)
  • Fuel regulated by quarter turn key/ball valve