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    The Grand Mariposa outdoor gas fireplace from American Fire Designs is a fire feature worthy of being at the focal point of any outdoor patio space. With its sturdy glass-fiber reinforced concrete body and a high-temperature refractory cement firebox, this unit is specifically designed for longevity and consistent durability. Choose from many different finish options and complimentary customizable gas plumbing included.


    • Durable glass-fiber reinforced concrete body
    • Complimentary customizable gas plumbing included
    • Choose between many different finishes
    • Easy assembly with use of only bolts-
    • One year limited warranty


    More Product Information:

    Grand Mariposa Spec Sheet PDF

    • Instruction Manual
    • Fireplace Style Grand Mariposa (Extended Bullnose Hearth)
    • Dimensions 113" w x 66" h x 34" d
    • Vented Model # 868-05-x-xx-xxc
    • Vent Free Model # 168-05-x-xx-xxc
    • Fuel Type: Natural Gas | Propane
    • Type: Fireplace Unit
    • Material: Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete | High-Temp Refractory Cement Firebox
    • Ignition: Match Lit Item
    • Weight : 1400 LBS
    • Items Included: Four Herringbone firebox liners

    Click Glass colors to see available color variations. 60lbs needed.

    INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION 1. On level pad, bolt 3-piece hearth together. 2. With body of fireplace bolted to hearth, bolt back wall sections to hearth and fireplace body 3. Position front wall in place and bolt to fireplace body. Access through top of wall 4. Position trim piece on end of wall and slide wall cap over the sections.

    CARE AND MAINTENANCE CLEANING: Because the fireplace is constructed from GFRC, a concrete product, and the color is CAST all the way through, you can clean the unit like you would other concrete surfaces. * The fireplace can be hosed off to remove most of the dust. * Before re-sealing or to remove stubborn stains, the entire fireplace should be thoroughly cleaned. Use CLR, a concrete cleaner which can be purchased from Home Depot, and a nylon scrub brush, taking care to rise off the residue. Follow the instruction on the package!

    RE-SEALING: Your fireplace comes from the factory sealed with multiple coats of a non-glossy, penetrating concrete sealer. Application of a similar product semi-annually is recommended, however there is nothing that can protect against pollution and/or acid rain which could stain the finish. For best results, perform during cooler AM/PM temperatures: *Clean the entire fireplace with CLR (information above). *Allow fireplace to dry completely. *Apply masonry sealer to entire fireplace (a sponge works well for this application). In freeze-thaw areas, the fireplace must be covered to keep the elements from collecting inside of the fireplace. Our fireplaces are designed to utilize gas as the fuel source. Wood-burning will void the warranty.

    Fuel: Intended for exterior use with gas as fuel source. Wood-burning voids warranty. Excessive heat and high flames may result in cracks to exterior structure. Do not use fireplace in sub-freezing temperatures. Damage may result from rapid temperature changes.

    Placement: Free-standing EXTERIOR fireplaces. Use only in well-ventilated areas. It is Buyer's responsibility to place fireplace in a spot that meets any local codes.

    Plumbing: Fireplaces come plumbed for gas (hook-up and gas logs not included). Advise right/left side for gas turn-on key AND outback or underneath for gas source line.

    Three Year Limited Warranty American Fyre Designs exterior fireplace, fire tables, fire urns, fire pits, firewalls and firefalls are warranted for three (3) years. One (1) Year Warranty: American Fyre Designs burner, electronic components and valves are warranted for one (1) year. This warranty applies to the original purchaser with invoice or proof of purchase and to single family residential use only. For additional information regarding this warranty or to place a warranty claim contact your authorized dealer. Wood-burning voids warranty. Excessive heat and high flames may result in cracks to exterior structure. Do not use fireplace in sub-freezing temperatures. Damage may result from rapid temperature changes.