Fire Pit Cooking Kit

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    Universal fire pit cooking kit with Korean BBQ grill and cast iron skillet and optional glass wind screen. Our outdoor cooking kit includes a universal cooking stand, a cast iron skillet, and a Korean BBQ Grill. This fire pit cooking kit features a cast iron skillet and the Korean BBQ grill, which are interchangeable cook tops that will fit perfectly on top of the cooking stand. The universal cooking stand on this firepit cooker allows you to get creative with your other kitchen cookware, as this stand accommodates just about any wok, pan or pot which can then be elevated above the fire and used for creating dishes like stir fry and fondue. Additionally, our cooking stand is useful in other cooking and serving applications since we have found it makes a perfect pizza serving stand and hot tray holder.This outdoor cooking kit was designed to provide a quick and simple setup while keeping your fire pit area safe and easy to clean. The universal cooking stand is made in the USA from high quality 304 stainless steel, which will not rust outdoors and will withstand the elements. The stand is 19.25" inches in diameter at its base and tapers to a 12.25" inch diameter measurement at the top. Buy this unique firepit cooker from So-Cal Firepits today!