Calcana Patio Heaters

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    So-Cal Firepits is happy to announce that we are now carrying the Calcana Wall-Mounted Patio Heater, the most sophisticated patio heater available! What makes them the best is simple…they work. A patio heater that does what it is supposed to do: keep people on the patio or deck warm, no matter what! Producing gas-fired energy in the form of infrared waves, this heater warms the patio at the turn of a switch – performance which has been called “one step shy of magic.” Calcana Industries is in the business of heating outdoor dining and patio areas.More warmth with 40% less fuel — efficientVariable heat control from 50 to 100 percent capacityHeaters take up zero floor spaceWall or ceiling mounting available, covered or uncovered applicationsWith this wall-mounted patio heater, the heat source is up and out of the way, not occupying precious floor space. The Calcana Patio Heater is more efficient with fuel, utilizing either propane or natural gas. Heat coverage is much broader than floor heaters, which means that with this wall-mounted patio heater, the whole patio gets heated.Standard Output is available in 10ft, 15ft, or 20ft - 304 Stainless Steel.High Output is available in 5ft or 10ft - 304 Stainless Steel or 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

    Patio Heater Brochure

    Typical Installation

    Patio Heater Full Installation Manual


    Heat–treated aluminized steel infrared emitters — long-lasting, low maintenance outdoor heaters.

    Low clearance to combustibles — can be installed in tight spaces where other outdoor heaters can't.

    A modulating burner for a wide variety of incremental adjustments, ideal comfort.

    Stainless steel construction - durable outdoor heaters Remotely controlled outdoor heater with Heatwave Control Panel.

    Variable heat output settings (patent pending)

    No pilot light Electronic three–try direct spark ignition with 100% safety shut off.

    Safe and efficient – no open flames or glowing red parts.

    Sleek, architectural design Various lengths and configurations available.

    Outdoor heaters available in natural gas or propane.

    Inputs from 40,000 to 75,000 BTUs/hour.

    Heavy–duty construction (available in Marine grade stainless steel).

    Virtually maintenance free outdoor heaters.

    Certified to –40F weather conditions – developed to beat harsh winters.

    Reliable quality - outdoor heaters are made in the USA Enclosed burner chamber that is wind and weather proof.

    Economical to operate – 40% less fuel usage.


    Applications of our outdoor heaters include:

    Restaurant patios

    Residential patios and decks

    Golf courses and driving ranges

    Night club and bar line-ups

    Ski lift wait areas

    Doorman and valet areas

    Smoking areas

    Swimming pool and hot tub areas

    Anywhere people gather outside


    Outdoor Patio Heaters Specifications:

    Rating (Input: Natural and L.P. Gas) 0-4500ft elevation


    Input (BTU/ Hr):

    Model Min Max Length

    PH-40 20,000 40,000 10′

    PH-50 25,000 50,000 15′

    PH-75 37,000 75,000 20′

    PH-40(High output) 20,000 40,000 5′

    PH-75 (High output) 37,000 75,000 10′


    Gas Pressure at Manifold:

    Natural Gas 3.5″ W.C.

    L.P. Gas 10.5″ W.C.

    Gas Connection Size 0.5″ N.P.T.


    Gas Inlet Pressure:

    Gas Minimum Maximum

    Natural 4.5″ W.C. 14.0″ W.C.

    L.P. 11.5″ W.C. 14.0″ W.C.


    Electrical Rating:

    DSI Ignition 120v, 60 Hz, 1 Amp/ 24 Volt Power Supply

    24 volt low voltage On/ Off- Hi/ Lo Control Panel


    Standard Equipment:

    Burner control housing is preassembled and pre-wired, unit comes complete with industry standard gas, electrical, balanced air rotor, thermal overload protected motor, visual burner inspection sightglass, combustion and air proving safety switch, 3-try spark ignition control, 100% safety shut-off, low voltage control connection, 4″ heat treated aluminized combustion tube, aluminum standard reflector, tube couplers, heat economizer baffle, stainless steel hangers, decorative grille, indicator light, stainless steel burner head construction.


    Optional Equipment (not included):

    Elbow kit/ 180 degree U-Bend kit for PH75 Stainless Steel Construction

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